Mens Tri Suits designed in the UK

Tri suits and clothing designed using advanced fabrics from Italy and developed to the highest standards.

Male inspire 2 f b
Mens inspire 2 f

Inspire 2 Men's Triathlon Race Suit


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Mens Aspire Sleeved Tri Suit 001
Mens Aspire Sleeved Tri Suit 002

Aspire Men's Short Sleeve Triathlon Suit


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Mens Inspire Tri Top 002
Mens Inspire Tri Top 001

Inspire 2 Men's Triathlon Top


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Mens Inspire 2 Tri Shorts 001
Mens Inspire 2 Tri Shorts 002

Inspire 2 Men's Triathlon Shorts


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More information about our products:

Tenola Tri suits are constructed using a blend of high-quality, lightweight, and breathable materials that are engineered to enhance aerodynamics, moisture management, and muscle support. The strategically placed compression panels provide targeted support to key muscle groups, aiding in reducing fatigue and enhancing endurance during long races. The fabric's moisture-wicking properties keep athletes cool and dry, even during intense workouts and in various weather conditions.

As we strive to produce the pinnacle of performance and comfort in the world of triathlon apparel our ambassador athletes are critical to our development process, ensuring high levels of quality and robustness are incorporated into each of our products through testing in the wild.  This process ensures Tenola Triathlon Suits are designed with the athlete's needs in mind, offering a second-skin fit that reduces drag in the water and maximizes freedom of movement on land. The suits incorporate features like flatlock stitching to minimize chafing and discomfort, while the quick-drying nature of the materials ensures a smooth transition from swim to bike and from bike to run.

Whether you're a seasoned triathlete or a novice just venturing into the world of multi-sport racing, Tenola Triathlon suits offer an unbeatable combination of performance, comfort, and style. These suits are a testament to Tenola's commitment to pushing the boundaries of athletic apparel, helping athletes achieve their goals and conquer new challenges with confidence.