Charlie Harding

I am 16 years old and I am a youth elite triathlete in the North West Triathlon Academy. I started off doing small running events but I soon found triathlon and I began to enjoy the thrill of three disciplines. I compete in the British Super Series and I am currently also a guide for a visually impaired British Para triathlete, where we recently won gold at the British Super Sprint Champs.


My first bike was a little Isla Road bike.

My first triathlon was when I was 8years old. I remember getting out of the pool in about 10th place and I managed to run into 3rd place by the end.

My essential breakfast that I have every day is the cereal Alpen with a banana and some orange juice.

Both, it is important to be pushed by other people in a group, however I train alone sometimes as it helps me to specifically focus on what I need to achieve.

None – Gels all the way.

Hotel – they’re pretty crazy places.

My brother, mum and dad.

Always two or more torq gels (sometimes more) and a banana and water.

After an athletics competition I had been lying on the grass all day when I was waiting for the 1500m to start and I realized I had been burnt all over on my shoulders and neck. When I went swimming later it looked like I was wearing a vest I was that sunburnt!

Portugal with my friends.

Hall of Fame – Because it is such a motivational song.

Warm up and listen to the tunes.

Triathlon Magazines or Geraint Thomas’ autobiography.