Tom Radley

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I have been taking part in triathlons and aquathlons for 3 years now. Coming from a running background I have had to work hard to improve the other 2 disciplines. I am a member of Tewkesbury Triathlon Club, and first qualified for the GB age group team in 2018. I balance my training and racing around teaching at a primary school and I am lucky to have a very understanding wife who is normally shouting at me whilst racing - if she's not racing herself!

2018 was a big season for me, finishing 10th in my category at the European aquathlon championships in Ibiza to back up some decent performances in the UK. So far in 2019 I have represented GB again in Pontevedra for the world aquathlon championships, finishing 10th again.

I'm looking forward to what the rest of the season has in store and hoping I can stay fit and qualify to represent GB in sprint and standard distance triathlon for 2020.


HAHA... oh dear! my first road bike I picked up from a garage sale and it weighed as much as a small car and even had the gear shifters on the top tube, which always made changing gear tricky whilst going up hill.

My first multisport race was an aquathlon on my birthday in January a few years ago. I remember entering a week before and turning up on the day without a clue what to do in the freezing rain. The run was 4 laps around a school field with most of it in ankle deep mud. I don't remember exactly where I finished, but it certainly wasn't near the front!

Whatever I can eat on the way to the pool... I'm always running late and end up squeezing some sort of breakfast in the carpark on my way in.

Hairy, never been provided with a good enough reason to risk slicing my legs up.

A mixture. I love smashing a hard session with a few friends, but also cant beat a summer evening cycling in the sun.

Don't drink hot drinks, so would have to be an energy drink - but not fizzy, I cant stand that stuff!

Usually in the spare room on the turbo unless were out for a ride.

Anything with chocolate.

We stayed in the van in a layby by Eton Dorney lake a few weeks back... that was pretty glamorous.

Hold, I'd manage to fall off some how.

Freddie Flintoff and Wiggo - got to have the childhood heroes there. And I think I would invite Sir Dave Brailsford, he's bound to find some sort of marginal gain to get food and drinks out quicker.

Phone, I'm always getting lost out on the bike.

Sun burn... too many occasions to share on here!

Back in Devon, where I grew up. Not only is it the best county in the world, but your never too far from the beach and a pasty.

I bet that you look good on the dance floor - Arctic monkeys

I love to get to look around a race course before I race. I forgot to once and 42Km into a 20k bike route I really wish I had!

Could be any of a number of my mates, we have a decent laugh and they are a great way to switch off from work and training when I need it.

Usually kids work whilst I'm marking it after work.