Do you do discount incentives?

We basically decided to keep our prices low and pass that saving on to our customers all day. So you really are getting the best price we can offer on new products. We do have sales, usually selling off old stock at vastly reduced prices to make space for new stock.


Do you do Wholesale or Can I find your stuff in shops?

No, if we did wholesale, we would have to raise our prices so that shop retailers could make a profit. We would have to increase our prices to the same price as theirs to keep it fair.

Trying to keep our prices affordable, we only sell online, this way we can stay in touch with our customers


Why don't you do fancy packaging?

We are in the process of trying to work out the best packaging. At the moment our bags are 30% recycled plastic and can be recycled... if we don't use plastic in some form, our apparel could get damaged by the elements in transit.

We haven't created tons of flyers and fancy tissue etc. as we prefer to pass the saving onto our customers. Also, we didn't want to create yet more superfluous stuff that might end up in the bin. So we try to keep it simple and cost effective.