Molly Pacey

I'm actually quite a newcomer to Triathlon having only competed in my first race in 2017. For 3 years preceding that I was largely just a runner. In hindsight I ran far too much which resulted in numerous injuries and spending far too much time on the physios table. When I was recovering from a stress fracture in one of my metatarsals a friend recommended I take up swimming, I had zero technique at first but I got quite addicted to knocking minutes off my 400m time, if only it was still so easy to make such large improvements in a short space of time!

I've always enjoyed cycling so last year took the plunge and thought I might as well put all three sports together. Honestly, the best thing I ever did.

I've had 8 races this season and can't really say I've had a particularly poor performance, a particular low point was the blisteringly hot run at Holkham Half Outlaw, I fuelled poorly on the bike and really paid the consequences on the run, lesson learnt. The highlight of my season was representing The GB Age-Group team in Glasgow in the European Sprint Championships, equally nerve-racking as it was exhilarating and can't wait to try qualify again.

I am an agronomist by trade which means I spend a lot of time walking crops Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire advising farmers on everything from planning crop rotation, formulating fungicide programmes and everything in between. This means I spend a lot of time on my feet so I try to get the bulk of my training done first thing in the morning as after walking 10 miles across fields in the day and a few hours writing recommendations I have to admit I'm not always overly enthusiastic about going back out training! I love getting a solid 5am training session in, when you find other athletes to train with who are also early birds it really helps motivate you.

Over winter I love cross-country running and of course will be spending endless hours on the turbo and in the pool to make sure next year beholds even more successes than this one!


The first bike I can remember owning was a green and pink Apollo and it was my pride and joy. It had 5 gears but I always remember favouring third, it never seemed to fail me regardless of the situation although my dad often tried to get me to see otherwise! I remember when friends in the village started getting full suspension bikes and I have to say I was fairly jealous at the time but dad convinced me that all the extra weight would only slow them down.

My first triathlon was only actually last year and I was quite pleased with 6th in my age group. It was knocking on 32 degrees and being on the ginger spectrum heat isn’t something I cope well with so the run was terrible but I crossed the finish line and was instantly hungry for more triathlons!

Porridge all the way, although my husband reckons it resembles river dredgings once I’ve added all the necessary extras such as chia seeds, milled linseed, cocoa powder and lashings of honey or cocnut sugar to satisfy my sweet tooth.

I train at least 5 times a week in a group but I quite enjoy a long run out on my own.

Can’t beat Yorkshire tea.

They live in the spare room, or tend to migrate around the house depending on when they’ll next be used.

High 5 caramel energy bar all the way.

Although many people will tell me otherwise, I can’t help but see a rest day as a waste of time.

Not so much crazy but for Outlaw Half Holkham this year I camped with my family on the Holkham estate and it was absolutely glorious, waking up that misty morning watching the sun rise over the lake, I’ll always remember the nervous euphoria of that morning.

Something I always fear but I’ve never actually had to worry about it, other than a half marathon once I got to the start line and the queue for the loo was ginormous and with no decent hedges about I decided to hold on and it definitely made me run quicker, although I can’t say I’d recommend it!

James Lawrence - Iron Cowboy

Jo Andrews - One of my oldest school friends

David Walliams - Because everyone needs a good laugh

Too much! I struggle in the heat so I always have my squishy water bottle with me in the warmer months, probably a gel shoved down my top too and an emergency compeed.

A duathlon at RAF Scampton in 2017. It was such a windy day so you didn’t really notice the heat of the sun, but that was probably some of the worse sunburn I’ve ever had, I never take a chance now, I’m a factor 50 worshipper!

The Lincolnshire wolds without a doubt. Great for hills, stunning views to make the climbs worth it and some of the best cake stops around.

I always take advantage of having guilt-free pizza the day before a race- if it works for the Brownlees…

Pretty lucky to be married to him.

The Triathlete’s training bible and being an agronomist there’s normally a copy of Crop Production magazine at my bedside too.