Alistair Fletcher

I am a 15 year old triathlete and GBR Age Group Athlete.

I live and train in the Forest Of Dean and compete all across the UK.

Next year, I am targeting the British Junior Triathlon Series as well as the World Age Group Duathlon Championships. I aim to have solid performances at all of the races in the British Super Series as well as gaining vital experience. I also aspire to podium at the World Age Group Duathlon Championships although I will possibly be the youngest competitor racing.


It was a red and black child’s bike with a single gear which I learnt to ride when I was 3.

I thoroughly enjoyed my first race, I can’t remember my result, but from that race I learnt in future to use elastic laces with no socks!

On race day, I usually have Weetabix with a little bit of sugar as my stomach can handle it quite well.

Definitely training with a group. I try to train in a group as often as I can but where I live this isn’t always an option. So, I am usually training alone apart from group rides on Sundays.

I’m not a big fan of tea or coffee, so I’d say energy drink. However, I do like a good hot chocolate at a café stop every so often.

My bike lives in my room. This is also where I do indoor training during the winter.

I usually bring an energy gel with me on rides just for emergencies but a snickers bar is good after a long ride.

I normally camp and sleep in a tent the night before a race which I really enjoy. It means we can stay closer to the race start than many hotels. I also usually fall asleep in the car after the race.

As I am only racing sprint distance, I don’t have this problem so just before and after the race. And during training I just stop when I need to.

Alistair Brownlee, Chris Froome and Alex Yee.

I normally carry spares like inner tubes and a co2 canister alongside some food, normally 2 apples and plenty of drink. I also carry a phone for safety and to grab the odd Instagram photo.

Just from my wetsuit after some long open water swim sessions.

I love cycling in France as well as the Isle Of Wight. The roads are just quiet, well surfaced and surrounded by amazing scenery.

I always wash my bike and make sure it is as good as it can be. When I’m racing duathlons, I use the same socks as I have had a few good results in them and I almost always have pasta bake or pizza as my pre-race meal.

Some of my friends at school are pretty funny, as well as my two sisters.

I’ve just finished reading the autobiography of Alistair and Jonny Brownlee.