Kate Miller

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I have been racing triathlon for almost 6 years now but only started competing for the GB age-group team last year (2018) where I represented GB at the European Championships in Glasgow and what an event to debut at! The atmosphere was phenomenal and the support we received was fantastic. It made the round 1150mile round trip from Weymouth (where I was on holiday) to Glasgow and back 100% worth it.  Since this race I have competed in the Aquathlon race at the European Championships in Ibiza which was yet again, a highly memorable experience. This year I have qualified to compete in the Aquathlon at both the European and World Championships in Transylvania and Pontevedra respectively. The event I am looking forward to the most however is the European Sprint Championships in Kazan in Russia. The logistics of getting to the event and the bureaucracy involved are both somewhat challenging but I have every confidence that all the hassle will be worthwhile to be able to race in such a beautiful city in my GB kit.

I have quiet an intense coached training plan that I follow which will prepare me to race sprint, standard and middle distance triathlons so my weeks are pretty full and I seem to spend quite a lot of time sitting on turbo staring at the cellar walls – usually at some ungodly hour in the morning! I am a teacher and a single parent to my 7 year old daughter so I do rely heavily on the support and understanding of family members and friends when it comes to fitting in my training and attending races.

My goals this year are to improve on my finishing position in the sprint race in Russia and in the Aquathlons and to also qualify for the European Championships next year for the sprint and the Olympic distance trialthlons. 


A red Raleigh Chopper, it was the bee’s knees!

Errm..Badly. I did it in my swimming costume (pool swim) but never considered the long run to transition feeling a little exposed! I used my steel framed mountain bike for the bike leg which took me longer than the whole race would now take me to complete!

Chocolate and banana overnight oats topped with blueberries and almonds – yummy!

Shaved (when I remember!)

Mostly alone due to when I have to fit my training in. I do like to swim with others though, drafting makes the set so much easier!

Coffee every time., it’s my vice :-)

Currently on the turbo trainer in my cellar.

Energy bar, has to be one containing natural sugars as I gave up refined sugar 3 years ago.

On a bunk in a tiny compartment on the London – Motherwell sleeper train when travelling up to the European Championships in Glasgow. Snug doesn’t even come close to describing it!

Luckily I’ve never had to make this choice and if I had to I’d probably hold.

My daughter (she’s great company), Thierry Henry (eye candy and we could chat in French), Julie Walters (an amazing actor and so, so funny)

On a run – just my house key, on the bike – puncture repair kit, water and a bounce energy ball or something similar plus my phone with my dad tracking me on strava in case I get lost, break-down, fall off etc.

I once fell asleep in the sun and burned my eye lids – it was so painful and my eyes swelled up so much I could barely see. Factor 50 all the way from then on plus no snoozing in the sun, not that that’s now an option when on holiday with a 7 year old!

Around the Severn Valley in Worcestershire near to where I live. The landscape is beautiful and seeing the odd steam train chugging past is really nostalgic.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger by Kelly Clarkson

Make my overnight oats the night before, pack kit bag ready to leave, disassemble the bike if going by car (N.B. A VW beetle convertible is NOT a practical car for transporting bikes) and get an early night.

My step-dad, however I pretty sure it’s unintentional – we tend to laugh more at him than with him. He is takes it all on the chin and in very good humour :-)

Little fires everywhere by Celeste Ng.