Nadia Assis Duarte Silva

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Hello, I am Married, I have 3 children, my Profession is Delegate of Medical Information. I love doing sports, I have a competitive spirit, I chose a sport where I could compete and have pleasure in what I did; I chose the sport of Triathlon. Last year (2017) was marked by a serious bicycle accident from which I was hospitalised for two and half months. I re-started training 3 months ago and at present I still find the running difficult due to my injuries from my accident. THANK YOU for everything partners.


It was very small; I do not know the brand.

Rye bread with parsley and oregano olive oil; coffee without sugar with coconut oil.

Accompanied almost always.

Having to go to work!

Any house-music with female voice was fine. The sound I have always liked.

Mechanism of Action of Sulodexide.

I know some very funny people !!!