James Fletcher

I am a 15 year old youth elite triathlete. 

I live on the Isle of Wight, which for all around the UK can provide challenges logistically and financially. 

I am coached by Jack Grundy at potential 2 performance, and a proud member of the Isle of Wight triathlon Club. 

I am currently focusing my racing efforts on the UK national performance series against the top youth athletes around the UK.


A Spider-Man bike, it used to attach to the back of my dads bike for some very fun days out around the local Cycle paths on the Isle of Wight.

I was sick halfway through the run, didn’t eat the morning of and it was over 30 degrees.

This is going to make me sound greedy but my key breakfast before a big day out is Nutella on toast with banana on top and then porridge with golden syrup and another banana.

Shaved. It’s more aero right?

I like to train with other people as much as I can but do also train alone as much as I can.

Tea, and energy drink. Obviously not together!

In the hall and study, my room if my parents are doing a tidy up.

I fell asleep in the shower after a big run session once.

I don’t usually have thus issue but would be on the bike in racing stopping in training.

Tim don, Alistair Brownlee, Harry Redknap.

Spares, if on the bike. My phone and food / gels.

Back of my neck from my wetsuit.

Hardknott pass and surrounding passes in the Lake District.

Porridge from a disposable tub 90mins before.

Some of my friends are very funny, coaches have had their funny moments too.

The chimp paradox.