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Triathletes Guide to Choosing Swimming Goggles

triathletes guide to choosing swimming goggles

With so many swimming goggles on the market, all claiming to be better and more advanced than each other, it’s no wonder we find it difficult when trying to decide on the best triathlon goggles for ourselves. It’s not the price of buying a pair, since price varies from £10-£45 (to suit everyone’s pocket), but its spending your cash and then ending up with a pair of dodgy goggles which need to be adjusted every few lengths of the pool to prevent leakage.

Posted by Ian Nolan on 9 November 2020 | Comments Tags: ,
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6 Pieces of Essential Triathlon Training Swim Gear

essential training gear for triathletes

In this article we look at some useful swimming gear for training in order for you to get the best performance during your triathlons.  In future articles we will look at each item in more detail so watch this space…

Posted by Ian Nolan on 12 October 2020 | Comments Tags:
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