Nathaniel Costigan

I am 18 and a visually impaired (registered blind) para triathlete. I started off as a para swimmer, reaching international competitions. I was selected for the team GB para triathlon talent squad in 2017 and since then have competed in a number of Paratriathlon events, recently winning gold at the British super sprint champs.


Describe your first bike?

A Dolan RDR tandem road bike which was light weight and fast but simplistic.

How did you do in your first race?

Won a silver medal at British para triathlon champs but felt like I could go faster. Left the event looking forward to my next race.

What is your essential breakfast?

Home-made protein shake (yoghurt, milk, oats, honey and fruit)

Shaved or hairy legs?


Train alone or with a group?

With group

Energy drink, tea or coffee?

Energy drink

Where does your bike live?

In the kitchen

Snickers or energy bar?


The craziest place you've slept since becoming a triathlete?

In a high altitude hotel room at Loughborough

Pee on the bike, stop or hold until the race?

Hold it

Three people to have dinner with?

Barack Obama, Gordon Ramsay and Mo Farah

What do you carry when you train?

Drinks, energy gel, recovery food and any required kit

Worst chafing / sunburn?

After not wearing sun cream during an open water swim session (burnt shoulders badly)

Favourite place to ride?

Six Hills

What theme song would you play for a movie of your life and why?

Seven Nation Army because I like the song and nothing in my life can hold me back from achieving my goals.

Pre-race rituals?

Warm up well, familiarise myself with the course/transition, eat a sausage roll or energy fell, relax and joke with friends or listen to some music

Funniest person you know?

My swim coach Craig Yates

What are you reading?

Sports magazines and articles

What are you going to do this month?

Race at North West triathlon, get A-level results, train hard, prepare for university