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The LOMO PRIME triathlon wetsuit: 

Lomo Challenger triathlon wetsuit caused a storm in the triathlon world and with the new updated PRIME triathlon wetsuit will again cause a storm. With Lomo, their triathlon wetsuits are brought direct from the manufacturer and therefore cuts out the middleman and sell direct to customers avoiding any price hikes. The affect of this is a value for money triathlon wetsuit with a list of features for the price is unrivalled. Lomo have taken over a year designing and developing with their manufacturer in getting this triathlon wetsuit just right. Customers are delighted with the finished product. 

What makes this wetsuit so special:

Firstly the materials, the wetsuit neoprene is required to provide warmth, flexibility, buoyancy and ease of exit (taking the wetsuit off) that most triathlete’s are looking for.

The Prime 4/3/2 smooth skin triathlon wetsuit comes in a super-stretchy neoprene.

It's easy to get into and offers warmth, flexibility and buoyancy.

The Prime wetsuit offers a high degree of flexibility for the swim section as well as offering excellent buoyancy where it's need.

The wetsuit is made up of varying thickness of neoprene, the thicker the panel more buoyancy is provided. The main front panel, is made from 4mm neoprene while the back panel is 3mm thick. Arms have been made in 2mm super-stretchy neoprene to allow an easier and fuller range of movement when swimming.

The underarm area of the suit, where most flexibility is required, is made from 2mm neoprene to reduce restriction.

The construction of the suit uses blind-stitch and glued outer seam for a smooth finish.

The Prime Triathlon Wetsuit is available at a fraction of the price of comparable suits.

Prime triathlon wetsuit specification:
4mm Neoprene Core
3mm Neoprene Rear Panel
2mm  Neoprene Arms 
2.5mm Neoprene Inner Thigh Panel
2mm Underarm Reach Panel
Glued Seams
Internally blind-stitched seams
YKK Zipper with pull cord


Extra Small 160-165CM (5'3" - 5'5") 53-59KG (116-130lbs) 76-81CM (30-32") 67-74CM (27-29")
Small 165-170CM (5'5" - 5'7") 59-66KG (130-145lbs) 84-91CM (33-35") 73-81CM (29-32")
Medium 170-175CM (5'7" - 5'9") 66-79KG (145-174lbs) 91-100CM (36-40") 76-84CM (30-33")
Medium Tall 175-180CM (5'9" -5'11") 70-85KG (154-187lbs) 93-101CM (37-40") 76-84CM (30-33")
Large 177-183CM (5'10" - 6'0") 80-95KG (175-210lbs) 99-106CM (39-42") 81-89CM (32-35")
X-Large 183-190CM (6'0" - 6'3") 91-100KG (200-220lbs) 104-111CM (41-44") 86-91CM (34-36")
XX-Large 183-194CM (6'0" - 6'4") 100-109KG (220-240lbs) 111-117CM (44-46") 91-97CM (36-38")

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