Lomo Buoyancy Shorts

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Lomo buoyancy shorts are made using high quality smoothskin neoprene which helps reduce drag in the water. The swim shorts do give a better glide and improved performance when doing your triathlon swim training, and are suitable for both pool training and open water swimming.

The shorts are designed to help elevate your hips as you are swimming so that your body angle is in an optimal swimming position. The buoyancy panels on these shorts feature AirCore Neoprene which sandwiches air voids between the outer sheets of neoprene. This provides in the region of 30% more buoyancy than regular neoprene.

When deciding on the size of these buoyancy shorts, you want them to be a tight fit as possible without being uncomfortable. This is so what little amount of water does get into them as you are swimming is heated by the body.

It is worth noting that the buoyancy shorts can also be worn under your wetsuit when swim training for those wanting maximum buoyancy to test the difference in their swimming position and overall performance.

SizeWaist (cm)Waist (inches)
Extra Small 63-68 25-27
Small 68-76 27-30
Medium 74-81 29-32
Large 81-86 32-34
Extra Large 86-94 34-37
XXL 95-101 38-40
XXXL 101-107 42-44

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