Steve Green

Steve Green is a British age group Triathlete who competed at the European Middle-Distance Championships in Denmark. Since competing in his first Sprint Triathlon in 2012 in Oxfordshire, Steve has completed every distance from a pool based sprint to IronMan. Working tirelessly to improve his race craft and technique he is now proud to now represent Team GB.

Continually honing his skills since his first triathlon, Steve organizes his training program around his family and the Royal Air Force, spending many early mornings and evenings training in all three disciplines. Maintaining a successful career, with a partner and young children he has deployed several times for many months a year all over the world, many times with no access to a pool or road bike he is still able to achieve outstanding results.

Looking forward, Steve is representing Team GB at the Middle-Distance European Championships in Romania. After another 3 month detachment he lands back in the UK only 7 days prior to his A race. Swapping training gear for race kit, bike prep, say hello to the misses and kids then catch the next flight out. Hopefully with the goal of representing Team GB at World level in 2020.


Describe your first bike?

The first bike I remember was “Wildcat”. It had a control panel that made some strange noises. I built a ramp, tried to summersault and consequently broke may collar bone.

How did you do in your first race?

My first event was a sprint Triathlon in Oxfordshire. As it was pool based the website asked for my predicted 400 meter time. No clue, off to the local pool. After 2 lengths of crawl I was clinging to the side. 12 minutes later utilizing every stroke (including doggy paddle) I had my time. After a slow start the race went well, gaining places on both bike and run. Though absolutely exhausted I was hooked.

What is your essential breakfast?

Very boring, granola with fat free natural yogurt. Maybe with honey if I need motivation.

Shaved or hairy legs?

It’s my belief that unless you can complete a 25 mile time trial in under 60 minutes the hair stays!

Train alone or with a group?

I train 90% alone these days, it’s awkward enough fitting training around work and a young family. If you can though training with other like minded individuals of a similar (or better) standard is a great motivator.

Energy drink, tea or coffee?

Nothing for anything less than 1 hr. For middle distance and above fill your water bottle with the required amount of energy gels and top up with water. Saves opening packets on the move.

Where does your bike live?

Garage, out of the reach from kids.

Snickers or energy bar?

Energy bars if I’m going long.

The craziest place you've slept since becoming a triathlete?

At the side of the road in a tent somewhere in Germany on a way to a race, liberating (read as cold and wet!).

Pee on the bike, stop or hold until the race?

Definitely on the bike! Hopefully it’s raining, and you can disguise it but if not who cares! I can manage 6 hrs without needing to go so only really effects Iron distance.

Three people to have dinner with?

Stephen Fry, Alister Brownlee and Brad Wiggins.

What do you carry when you train?

Just a phone and a tenner.

Worst chafing / sunburn?

Sunburn – 70.3 in Cyprus, no cream = mistake.

Favourite place to ride?

Country side, mainly because it’s the best way to find new pubs.

What theme song would you play for a movie of your life and why?

Danger Zone – Top Gun. I feel the need, the need for…

Pre-race rituals?

I always leave my flip flops by the water, I never mean too ????


New one from last season; check my DI2 battery is fitted – slightly embarrassing riding back to transition after 1km in the wrong direction to everyone else. Then trying to find my car in the massive field (car park, in cleats), recover said battery, back through T1, fit battery and then go like hell in angry mode.

Funniest person you know?

My daughter.

What are you reading?

Jensen Button autobiography (F1 and Triathlon, perfect)

What are you going to do this month?

Winter training is about cycling outdoors as much as possible and Cross-Country races! Just get muddy and get some miles in. Enjoy Tri, best sport in the world!