Thin Strap Swimsuit

Swimwear from Tenola - Tenola swimwear products are constructed using a blend of high-quality, lightweight, and breathable materials. Designed for creating highly breathable, covering, and well-fitting sports swimwear, capable of embracing the body without hindering movement. Sydney Eco embodies all the characteristics that make a fabric perfect for the swimwear world: chlorine-resistant, withstands sunscreens and oils while maintaining its shape and colors over time, dries quickly, and provides UPF 50+ UV protection.

Size Information

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Thin straps offer less restriction around the shoulder when swimming. allowing maximum freedom. If you have a long torso or short torso you may find that our tie back swim suit more suitable to achieve the fit you require. A swim suit to small/large will possibly feel restrictive on the shoulder or to loose.

Additional Information


The key design features of the garment include: 

  • Flat locked stitching designed for maximum strength and minimum discomfort against the skin.
  • 100% chlorine proof


The key benefits of the garment features include:

  • Carvico Sydney fabric is a P.B.T. fabric made of 100% polyester, and therefore totally chlorine proof, it ensures a perfect fit over time and boasts unprecedented techno-performances. It is UV protective ( UPF 50+ ), breathable and fast drying.
  • Sydney is ideal for competition swimwear, even the most extreme ones.
  • The high-performance Italian Carvico Sydney PBT fabric is lightweight, breathable and dries quickly.
  • It is 100% chlorine resistant  which allows your garment to last longer over time.
  • Designed for daily swimming, 
  • The fabric's structure maintains the garment's appearance over time. Thanks to the fabric's durability, breathability and quick drying properties, the garment hold its shape and color.
  • The design of the swimsuit makes it fit like a second skin, maximising the performance properties of the fabric. 
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