Pool Training in Tenola TN10 - triathlon swimming costume

Pool Training in tenola triathlon swimming costume
04th February 2020

TN10 triathlon training swimsuit was designed with the aim of providing a swimsuit which wouldn't degrade in a chlorine pool environment.

The fabrics

The fabric chosen to achieve our goal was Darwin supplied by Italian manufacturer Carvico.

Darwin is a P.B.T. fabric made of 100% polyester, and therefore totally chlorine proof, it ensures a perfect fit over time and boasts unprecedented techno-performances. It is UV protective (UPF 50+), breathable and fast drying. Darwin is ideal for competition swimwear and is a totally resistant to chlorine. Chlorine, over time breaks the fabric structure down.

T10 tenola triathlon swimming costume

The design

The design of TN10 was based around our successful TN7 tri-swimsuit, but the TN10 had to withstand hours of swimming training in a chlorine pool. Like our TN7 tri-swimsuit the TN10 is a multi-panel swim suit which provides a fit like a second skin and avoids any sagging material when wet. Thus, reducing drag through the water.

The TN10 triathlon swimming costume was designed to be used for pool swim training sessions and we will be available shortly so keep an eye on our shop or follow us on twitter or facebook to be the first to know when it is available.

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