Ambassador Application Form

This form is for applying to become a Tenola brand ambassador. The boring bit now...

Before completing this form please read the terms to ensure you are happy to be bound by them.

  • Tenola will provide triathlon apparel to you free of charge and new designs as they are released.
  • You may be asked to provide feedback on prototypes of triathlon related apparel (prototypes tend to be made one size so it may not always fit you).
  • In return we would require you to provide photos of yourself in competition and training. We would be looking for 2 photos (selfies, staged, training, competition) a month from wearing Tenola apparel (or GB age group kit).
  • Provide feedback (be honest with positive or negative comments) on how you feel the apparel is performing, fit, and possible improvements. Provide a brief report on wearing Tenola apparel etc bi-monthly (can be handed-written, bullet points, or a brief paragraph).
  • If you have an ideas or suggestions on the apparel please feed it back to us.
  • Feedback/comments are to be directed to Tenola email account and not via social media sites. Photos can be posted on social media, with Tenola hashtagged, so we can re-use on Tenola marketing material. We may ask for a photo to be sent direct to our email account.
  • We may use your photos and feedback on Tenola website and in Tenola marketing campaigns, using social media, magazine advertising, promotional events/shows etc.
  • We would like a brief bio and for you to complete a (fun) Q&A form (this can-be seen on our website). The bio and Q&A will appear on the website introducing you as a Tenola athlete. This will be updated with occasional releases, highlighting how your year is going in your chosen events, competitions etc.
  • Social media sites Tenola are using are Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr, Instagram. Your photos or feedback may be used on any of these sites.

Please note we have a limited range of triathlon apparel at present, but this is due to triple by the July 2019.

Only Tenola apparel is offered free to ambassadors, other items of triathlon associated equipment (wetsuits, tow floats etc) offered by Tenola is not included in this offer.

Thank you for your application to become a Tenola Ambassador. If you are successful, we will contact you via your email address, and request your home address, size etc.

Thank you once again for applying.

Ian Nolan