Katie Ball

Katie Ball is a British age group Triathlete who recently competed in the Rotterdam Grand World Finals, Olympic Distance. Since competing in her first Sprint Triathlon in 2014 in Nottingham, Katie has worked tirelessly to improve her fitness and technique and is proud to now represent Team GB.

Continually honing her techniques since her first triathlon, Katie organizes her training program around her full time job, spending many early mornings and evenings training at all three disciplines. Testament that with dedication, you can maintain a successful career alongside a full triathlon training schedule and still achieve outstanding results.

Looking forward, Katie is looking to progress into Middle Distance Triathlons where she will be testing her mettle by embarking on a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike ride and finishing with a 13.1 mile run. She has already proved her ability to master this distance by finishing second in her age group at the recent Holkham Half. This latest achievement has enabled Katie to qualify to represent Team GB again in Ibiza October 2018.


I always go out with my husband for tea. I love Disney films so if a time machine existed I would choose Walt Disney. Truth be told, I’d be scared to sit with someone I really wanted to meet because I love food more than talking and would spill it everywhere!

I got my first bike for my sixth birthday; it was pink and white and even had tassels on the end of the handlebars, I don’t remember much about it but I do remember falling off a fair bit! (somehow) I’ve never had a natural connection with the bike and I got shouted at quite a lot when out riding with my dad at a young age.

I spent it somewhere near the back! I remember standing there looking at the water, it was a lovely hot day and I almost didn’t bother wearing a wet-suit - but what a mistake that would have been because I found the swim so hard; It was only 250m and I was the last person out the water, not really all that surprising as I was a non-swimmer until I took up tri-training so I really have had to work hard to improve my technique. My first race was a women's only race at Rother Valley Sheffield, Although it was an introduction by fire, I was determined to stick with it, practice hard and improve. Even though it wasn't a success in terms of placement, it was a huge personal achievement and it has helped to drive me towards what I have become today and aim to achieve in the future. On reflection my first attempt was just rubbish but everyone has to start somewhere!.

I start everyday the same, with Weetabix. Even on race days I don’t change anything about breakfast as I am always so nervous that accidents will happen when racing. Better to be safe than sorry.

What a question to ask a lady! Shaved (kinda).

I train 80% of the time on my own so I can set the pace necessary to challenge myself and push my training even further. I sometimes train with my husband but I am fast enough to get away from him now. I also love the occasional group ride or club track run as it is both sociable and the camaraderie from peers is really encouraging.

Depends a bit how I’m feeling. Generally I use a High 5 energy mix to keep me going but if I am tired of need an extra boost I will use caffeine.

It has its own bedroom in the house that it shares with a few of its two-wheeled friends.

Energy drink keeps me going on shorter activities, but if I’m doing distance I fuel using gels and chocolate.

I’m going to be boring here but I had to camp on a cold hard floor, sharing a field with geese and it rained all night. Lesson learnt, the race wasn’t good.

Most people who say they don’t pee on the bike and do middle distance triathlon is fibbing. I once didn’t go and by the time I got to the run and was so desperate it made me feel poorly. So I just stopped, with people running past me and wet myself. One guy asked if I was alright, I replied “yep, just having a wee”.

I carry as little as I can. Just enough - but always my phone.

Its got to be sunburn. I once went to Egypt and didn’t bother with sun cream. HUGE mistake.

The island of Mallorca; it's so pretty and I love hills.

I just love ‘The Lion King’ and I would choose the Circle of life. Just because it’s an amazing song.

Many toilet visits. I drink lots (of water). Check everything hundreds of time and do the obligatory stand and stare at my transition stuff for 10 minutes.

I don’t know one.

Don’t have time for reading.