Charlie Harding

I am 16 years old and I am a youth elite triathlete in the North West Triathlon Academy. I started off doing small running events but I soon found triathlon and I began to enjoy the thrill of three disciplines. I compete in the British Super Series and I am currently also a guide for a visually impaired British Para triathlete, where we recently won gold at the British Super Sprint Champs.


Describe your first bike?

My first bike was a little Isla Road bike.

How did you do in your first race?

My first triathlon was when I was 8years old. I remember getting out of the pool in about 10th place and I managed to run into 3rd place by the end.

What is your essential breakfast?

My essential breakfast that I have every day is the cereal Alpen with a banana and some orange juice.

Shaved or hairy legs?


Train alone or with a group?

Both, it is important to be pushed by other people in a group, however I train alone sometimes as it helps me to specifically focus on what I need to achieve.

Energy drink, tea or coffee?

None – Gels all the way.

Where does your bike live?


Snickers or energy bar?

Energy bar.

The craziest place you've slept since becoming a triathlete?

Hotel – they’re pretty crazy places.

Pee on the bike, stop or hold until the race?


Three people to have dinner with?

My brother, mum and dad.

What do you carry when you train?

Always two or more torq gels (sometimes more) and a banana and water.

Worst chafing / sunburn?

After an athletics competition I had been lying on the grass all day when I was waiting for the 1500m to start and I realized I had been burnt all over on my shoulders and neck. When I went swimming later it looked like I was wearing a vest I was that sunburnt!

Favourite place to ride?

Portugal with my friends.

What theme song would you play for a movie of your life and why?

Hall of Fame – Because it is such a motivational song.

Pre-race rituals?

Warm up and listen to the tunes.

Funniest person you know?

Rhys Ashton

What are you reading?

Triathlon Magazines or Geraint Thomas’ autobiography.

What are you going to do this month?

Get my GCSE results.