Our Future

Our Future

Tenola is a British company engaged in the design, development and manufacture of high performance sport apparel for the multi-sport athlete.

The Tenola product range is aimed at the sport of triathlon incorporating gym, swim, cycling and running. At Tenola we are always looking at ways of producing new and innovative designs. All our products are developed with the overall aim of enhancing the sporting performance of an athlete whether it's in training or competition.

All Tenola apparel, goes through the same process, from sketches to prototype samples to production. During this period we test, change, re-sample and re-test each of our offering. With new and future designs we always start with a blank piece of paper and aim to incorporate new fabrics, new technology and what we have learnt from previous designs, testing, and customers.

Our aim isĀ 

  • Design and manufacture high quality, value for money, pioneering triathlon sportswear which enhance athletes performance in training and competition